Large Format Poster – Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel

“Wagon Wheel”; February 10, 2012, 11:34pm; Bannack State Park, MT; f/3.5; 1/40; Canon T3i

Edits made in Camera Raw:

  • White Balance: As Shot
  • Exposure: -1.20
  • Recovery: 100
  • Fill Light: 59
  • Blacks: 22
  • Brightness: -58
  • Clarity: +50
  • Vibrance: +53
  • Adjustment brush across upper and right spokes: Exposure – +.95, Brightness +46, Contrast +1, Saturation +42, Clarity +36, Sharpness +34
  • Adjustment brush across middle: Exposure – +.85, Brightness +46, Contrast +1, Saturation +42, Clarity +36, Sharpness +34

Sharpening applied in Photoshop to middle of wheel and close spokes.

This photo was a little overblown when I took it. I used a large aperture to get a small depth of field, but that made the photo a little blown out. It still looks nice though. After edits, the color in the wheel really came out nicely. When taking this photo, I was just trying to get photos from every angle I could because the old wagon was very interesting. Of course, everything in Bannack was interesting, so that’s not saying much. My editing technique still mostly consists of playing around with the various options in Camera Raw and Photoshop and seeing what happens, but I’m beginning to learn what the various options do.