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Andy bell

Currently working at an insurance agency, I have about a decade of customer service experience. In my free time, I love video games, technology, and messing about with self-hosted services. Even this very website is hosted on my own rented cloud server, rather than using a ready-built hosting provider.

Highlighted Blog Posts

A server room

My Current Server Setup

Read about the choices I made during my 2022 server migration. TLDR: I’ve gone all-in on Docker with automatic backups.

4 in February - Can you beat them all?

Four in February 2024

Four in February is a yearly challenge to complete four video games during the month of February. After a successful 2023, I hope to get some more games done this year!

A gaming computer with blue lights

Building My Computer

Hey look! It’s an ancient blog post about my process of building my old computer! (Actual computer not pictured.) I need to blog more apparently!