So I was flipping through today’s copy of the Wall Street Journal, and I came across an article on McDonald’s Japan running a series of burgers based on various locations in the United States. The image/graphic accompanying the article caught my eye. (OK, the article’s more about contrasting the health strategies of the company in the US and Japan, but the burger is what caught my eye.) The burger is a wonderful-looking concoction of quarter-pound patty, cheese, a hash brown patty, bacon, onions, and a pepper-and-mustard sauce. I had not thought of putting hash browns on a burger, but it sounds like it could be a fantastic eat.

This begs the question though: why is McDonald’s in Japan getting a burger called the Idaho burger and we (those living in Idaho) not? I would easily try this burger if it was available in McDonald’s restaurants in these parts! I might only try it once because it’s an incredible 713 calories, but I’d still try it. I think my only chance of getting this kind of burger is ordering a burger and a hash brown patty during those magical transition hours between breakfast and lunch, which I’ve read is around 10:30 in the morning. Well, I can dream at least.

Source: McDonald’s Bets on Japan Big-Burger Blitz –