Taco Bell is one of those things that I consider a blessing and a curse.

A few months ago I went to Taco Bell and got a chicken-something-or-other. Almost immediately after some friends and I went off to a bonfire in the nearby sand dunes. The bad part: not long after we got out-of-town I started feeling very sick. I spent the rest of the night trying to just not lose my dinner. And that wasn’t easy because it was a very bumpy road out to the bonfire. These dunes are really the middle of nowhere: it would take about 20-30 minutes to get back to any real semblance of civilization.

Even though it was the first time Taco Bell’s made me sick, I swore that I wouldn’t be back for a while.

But then they introduced the Beefy Crunch Burrito. I adore Flaming Hot Cheetos, so when I saw an ad for a burrito that has Flaming Hot Fritos (which I’d never heard of before) I knew I’d have to try it. I was very glad I did. It’s one good burrito, and it’s a pretty decent amount of food for a buck. Now I just need to find Flaming Hot Fritos for when this limited-time-only item disappears, so I can get a replacement to make myself.

So just when I’m ready to swear off of Taco Bell, they redeem themselves and make me fall in love with them again. It’s a love-hate relationship, or something like that.