It’s Christmastime and I’m hoping it’s a good one for everyone. I have no big plans for my Christmas, but I know I’ll be using my early Christmas present a lot during the next few years: a nice shiny new 2TB external hard drive. I got it right after Thanksgiving and it has come in very handy! Now I have a backup of my computer and won’t lose the projects I’ve been working on.

So here’s a little present: the first photo in the dance pad project. This is just a before pic, so it’s nothing special, but I plan on slicing it open tomorrow (if I’m not too full from the delicious holiday food). Also, I’m painstakingly creating some step files for a few popular songs. It’s pretty time-consuming, but I finished my first one not too long ago. It felt pretty good to get it finished.

Fun fact: it's sitting on my bedroom floor. Yes, that is orange colored shag carpeting.

Dance Pad: Before

Yeah, that was a pretty lame gift, wasn’t it. Here, maybe try a photo of our cat. Tragically, it died over the summer, but it still looks cute. This photo was taken over 6 years ago. It didn’t change much over that time.