Well, this coming week is finals week, and so after that I should have time to begin working on the blog. I’m hoping to have some great things lined up, including what could be an exclusive first look at a brand new documentary tentatively called “Tarnished Pearl: Voices from Uganda.” I may have a world exclusive here, so look for that coming up. (What a great way to start a blog, huh?)

Other than that, things will be ordinary. I won’t try to report on things, instead I’ll offer commentary on things I read online, while being sure to link back to them. I love some of the largest blogs on the internet, like Lifehacker and Engadget, so I’ll offer my long-form two cents here.

Update: The only other media coverage, period (determined by first page Google results), on that documentary is about the world premiere showing on the Rexburg Standard Journal’s website here. My post will be an in-depth review/overview of the documentary before it hits the film festivals.