Light the World

An (unofficial) easy-to-use DVD containing all the Light the World videos in English and Spanish

Made to assist the missionaries in my area, this unofficial DVD contains all the Light the World videos from, laid out in menus displaying the action items for each day.

Burning the DVD

Use your favorite DVD burning software to burn the DVD to a blank disc. Here’s my favorites:

  • Windows 10/7: It’s got DVD burning built right in! Right click the downloaded file and choose “Burn disc image.”
  • macOS/OS X: I like Burn, even though it hasn’t been updated in a few years. Download it here, and then you’ll probably need to right click on it in your Applications folder and choose Open before macOS will allow you to open it.



WARNING: This file is 4GB. It might take a while to download. Just be patient. Once you have it downloaded, then you can burn it.

SHA1: 87B7F9023114AB1F43CE7B80B7B64E5FD4B8BE34