Product Redesign

The product redesign came out of my desire to eat pudding cups without doing dishes (no, really). I bought some plastic spoons from the local grocery store to eat the pudding. I didn’t think too much about it, until we were asked in class to come up with a product to redesign. Then I remembered the terrible packaging for the plastic spoons I bought. (Sorry Western Family, I love ya, but your packaging sucks!)

I set out to try to make the packaging something that would 1) stand out on the shelf, 2) make the product more functional, and 3) make it much more stylish. I think I accomplished that goal.

I kept the Western Family logo, since it’s so recognizable, but I wanted to give the product a more modern look. That’s why I chose an attractive modern reasonably thin sans-serif typeface to design with. The packaging is primarily typography, since I changed the packaging to be a clear round plastic container that would be suitable for setting out at a party or picnic. I also changed the name from the utilitarian “plastic spoons” to the more fun-loving “party spoons.”

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