‘Croesus’ News Article

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This is a news article I wrote for a short film that will be resuming production in the spring. The article will inform the main characters about an old man who dies and whose fortune is still missing. It will be used in just one shot, but it’s a rather important one, as this gets the plot moving.

The director and I are still working on finding the right image for the photo of the old man.

The goal with this was to make it as authentic as possible. I tried to write it in an old-timey voice, though I’ll admit I didn’t do research on that part of things. This means that I can tell you exactly what the flaws are with it. The typeface I used wasn’t used in newspapers of the period; it was used in books. It is also highly unlikely that there would have been a photograph, but I’ll be putting one in for visual interests’ sake. Other than that, I think I did a pretty good job! (Feel free to contact me and tell me what little details I missed, I actually do want to know!)