Time for a senior project! I’m synthesizing all my interests together by creating “Getting Started HTML,” a guide to learning the very basics of HTML and CSS for people who aren’t even aware what HTML or CSS are.

This arises out of my campus job from the last several semesters. I tutor for a class called “Creating Online Media,” which is a class to teach HTML and CSS to communication majors. These are people who are more familiar with Photoshop than a text editor. HTML may seem relatively simple to those of us with a background in technology, but it’s extremely hard to get into the correct mindset when you have never had to use anything but WYSIWYG tools. HTML and CSS are pretty abstract ways to create things: you’re turning text into design.

Basically, I want to make these things easier to understand. That will not be an easy task, but you can help if you want. I’ll be building text and video content over the next two months. I would love feedback along the way. Particularly, the written content is available online as I write it. So get in there and give me feedback!