Getting Started HTML

Time for a senior project! I’m synthesizing all my interests together by creating “Getting Started HTML,” a guide to learning the very basics of HTML and CSS for people who aren’t even aware what HTML or CSS are.

This arises out of my campus job from the last several semesters. I tutor for a class called “Creating Online Media,” which is a class to teach HTML and CSS to communication majors. These are people who are more familiar with Photoshop than a text editor. HTML may seem relatively simple to those of us with a background in technology, but it’s extremely hard to get into the correct mindset when you have never had to use anything but WYSIWYG tools. HTML and CSS are pretty abstract ways to create things: you’re turning text into design.

Basically, I want to make these things easier to understand. That will not be an easy task, but you can help if you want. I’ll be building text and video content over the next two months. I would love feedback along the way. Particularly, the written content is available online as I write it. So get in there and give me feedback!

Black Friday Photography Deals 2012

It’s almost Black Friday (which has kind of spilled over onto Thanksgiving night now), and that means there are tons of great deals out there on cameras and accessories! Here’s a breakdown of (mostly) in-store deals from various national retailers on photography gear. I’ve divided it into individual products and categories rather than by store, because many retailers have the same things on sale.

This information is based on the in-store deal circulars. Some of these deals may be available online, but most aren’t. You’ll have to do your own research on that. All information is provided as-is. I may have made mistakes. Some of these might not even be very good deals; I simply didn’t check to compare against normal prices. (more…)

The Danger and Blessing of Taco Bell

Taco Bell is one of those things that I consider a blessing and a curse.

A few months ago I went to Taco Bell and got a chicken-something-or-other. Almost immediately after some friends and I went off to a bonfire in the nearby sand dunes. The bad part: not long after we got out-of-town I started feeling very sick. I spent the rest of the night trying to just not lose my dinner. And that wasn’t easy because it was a very bumpy road out to the bonfire. These dunes are really the middle of nowhere: it would take about 20-30 minutes to get back to any real semblance of civilization.

Even though it was the first time Taco Bell’s made me sick, I swore that I wouldn’t be back for a while.

But then they introduced the Beefy Crunch Burrito. I adore Flaming Hot Cheetos, so when I saw an ad for a burrito that has Flaming Hot Fritos (which I’d never heard of before) I knew I’d have to try it. I was very glad I did. It’s one good burrito, and it’s a pretty decent amount of food for a buck. Now I just need to find Flaming Hot Fritos for when this limited-time-only item disappears, so I can get a replacement to make myself.

So just when I’m ready to swear off of Taco Bell, they redeem themselves and make me fall in love with them again. It’s a love-hate relationship, or something like that.

The Idaho Burger – Not Available in Idaho

So I was flipping through today’s copy of the Wall Street Journal, and I came across an article on McDonald’s Japan running a series of burgers based on various locations in the United States. The image/graphic accompanying the article caught my eye. (OK, the article’s more about contrasting the health strategies of the company in the US and Japan, but the burger is what caught my eye.) The burger is a wonderful-looking concoction of quarter-pound patty, cheese, a hash brown patty, bacon, onions, and a pepper-and-mustard sauce. I had not thought of putting hash browns on a burger, but it sounds like it could be a fantastic eat.

This begs the question though: why is McDonald’s in Japan getting a burger called the Idaho burger and we (those living in Idaho) not? I would easily try this burger if it was available in McDonald’s restaurants in these parts! I might only try it once because it’s an incredible 713 calories, but I’d still try it. I think my only chance of getting this kind of burger is ordering a burger and a hash brown patty during those magical transition hours between breakfast and lunch, which I’ve read is around 10:30 in the morning. Well, I can dream at least.

Source: McDonald’s Bets on Japan Big-Burger Blitz –